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Swarovski Hot Fix Rhinestone Shapes are available in several different styles and have heat sensitive adhesive on the flat side of the stone. They are a beautiful addition to the round stones. The Swarovski Hot Fix Rhinestone Shapes are used on pageant dresses, bridal gowns, dance and skating costumes, as well as western wear and other pouris surfaces. These hot fix rhinestone shapes may be attached to your project by using our original "Bejeweler Stone Styler" Tool. You can also use a quality adhesive. Please be advised, never use a hot glue gun, or super glue (cyanoacrylate) as they will damage the foil backing on these rhinestones.

Packs are available in the following quantities depending on the size of the rhinestones:
10 Gross - 1,440 Stones
2.5 Gross - 360 Stones
1 Gross - 144 Stones
1/2 Gross - 72 Stones

Article 2002 Hot Fix Mirror Packs