Swarovski Discontinues Products
Swarovski Discontinues Products

During this time of transition with Swarovski Crystal, we have created this dedicated page as a resource for you to keep informed of all the developing news. As products go out of production they will be moved to our clearance section at reduced prices. Customers will be kept informed via our email newsletter, regarding product availability when orders are processed. Some back ordered products that are still in production may take longer to arrive from Swarovski during this time. Most products are back in stock within 2 weeks.

We are investigating our options to add new crystal manufacturers to our product line and are excited with the options that have come our way! Check back often and make sure you are on our mailing list to receive updates directly to your inbox.

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March 15, 2021:
Beginning at the end of September, when you make a purchase of Swarovski rhinestones, you'll have to sign an agreement with Swarovski (through the company you're purchasing them from) that you are purchasing them for personal use only, and you will not be permitted to advertise that the product you are using them for has any reference to Swarovski, Swarovski elements, Swarovski crystals - etc. So what does that mean? If you're making a skating dress or any apparel or product to sell, you will not be permitted to advertise that it has Swarovski crystals on it. So in summary, the public will be able to continue to purchase Swarovski brand crystals though an authorized reseller, upon signing an agreement with them after September, 2021. They are still creating new colors to add to their product line, and will still have many beautiful crystals for consumers to buy!

February 22, 2021:

Effective April 1, 2021 all products marked in RED on Swarovski's discontinued list will be out of the program and no longer produced. All products marked in ORANGE will be special order and will only be available if in stock. Otherwise there is a minimum requirement to purchase the item. Products in BLACK will remain in the program.

As these products go out of stock, they will be removed from our website.

February 11, 2021:
IMPORTANT: We are experiencing slight delays in order processing times due to the business changes Swarovski is going through at this time. We prefer to ship orders complete if possible, so if product you ordered is expected to arrive at our offices from Swarovski in 2-3 days, we may hold your order so it can be shipped complete. The availability of some Swarovski rhinestone products are now becoming limited. We will be making adjustments to our website as availability changes.

January 22, 2021:
FOR A COPY OF THE COMPLETE SWAROVSKI DISCONTINUED PRODUCT LIST, PLEASE EMAIL US AT: info@rhinestonestore.com, and we will email you the pdf.

Here are some highlights of the colors that will be affected across all product categories - this includes flat back crystals, hotfix crystals, shapes and sew-on crystals.

COLORS: Khaki, Light Topaz, Olivine, Smoked Topaz, Smoky Mauve, Turquoise, Air Blue Opal, Chrysolite Opal, Pacific Opal, Yellow Opal.
COATINGS & SHIMMERS: Astral Pink, Crystal Bronze Shade, Crystal Copper, Crystal Lilac Shadow, Crystal Luminous Green, Crystal Red Magma, Crystal Sahara, Crystal Satin, Crystal Dorado, Crystal Iridescent Green, Crystal Metallic Light Gold, Crystal Rainbow Dark, Crystal Scarabaeus Green, Peridot AB, Aqwuamarine AB , Citrine Shimmer, Erinite Shimmer, Light Colorado Topaz Shimmer, Light Topaz Shimmer, Rose Peach Shimmer, Siam Shimmer
LACQUER & DELITE: Powder Blue, Powder Green, Powder Grey, Powder Rose, Powder Yellow, Azure Blue, Buttercup, Dark Grey, Crystal Lilac, Summer Blue, Crystal Ochre DeLite
SPECIAL PRODUCTION COLORS: Chalkwhite, Chrysolite, Citrine, Dark Indigo, Fern Green, Fire Opal, Hyacinth, Indian Pink, Provence Lavender, Purple Velvet, Rosaline, Rose Peach, Sunflower, Tangerine,
SPECIAL PRODUCTION COATINGS & SHIMMER: Crystal Meridian Blue, Crystal Metallic Blue, Cobalt Shimmer, Hyacinth Shimmer, Tangerine Shimmer
SPCEIAL PRODUCTION LACQUER & DELITE: Crystal Ivory Cream, Crystal Light Coral, Crystal Mint Green, Crystal Peony Pink, Crystal Royal Blue, Crystal Royal Green, Crystal Royal Red, Crystal Army Green DeLite, Crystal Burgundy DeLite, Crystal Cappuccino DeLite, Crystal Light Grey DeLite, Crystal Sunshine DeLite, Crystal Peach DeLite, Crystal Electric White DeLite, Crystal Electric Orange DeLite, Crystal Electric Pink DeLite, Electric Violet DeLite, Crystal Electric Blue DeLite, Crystal Electric Green DeLite, Crystal Electric Yellow DeLite

January 15, 2021:
SWAROVSKI announced that they will be discontinuing part of their product assortment over the next few months. Some items will be discontinued entirely while others will still be produced on special order but requiring minimum order quantities.

Items slated to be completely discontinued (as future discontinued) will be fully out of production by March 31, 2021 and there will be no reproduction. You are able to get whatever is currently available, and there MAY still be production before it is no longer produced. Items that are slated to be available upon special order and meeting minimum order quantities (MOQs), will no longer be regularly produced as of March 31, 2021, but you are able to get whatever is currently available, and there MAY still be production before it is by special order only.

We encourage you to review the Excel listing (included in our newsletter) that reflect the status of any items that are either going to be discontinued entirely or available with special production only. There are some styles that are going to be completely discontinued. For remaining styles there may be sizes or colors within a style that may be discontinued.

Please know that is not unusual for Swarovski to discontinue quite a number of products from their assortment. Every three years or so they review their offering and remove from their regular production items that do not sell well or are not profitable.

We are continuing to work very closely with Swarovski regarding all the changes they are making. We will inform you with all the latest information as soon as it is received. In the meantime, we are exploring other crystal products to replace the Swarovski products that we will be loosing.

The Rhinestone Store has been your distributor for Swarovski crystals for over 20 years and we thank each and every one of you for your continued support. We will get through this together.
-Debby Holmes

December 7, 2020:
We have recently received inquiries regarding the continued availability of Swarovski Crystals and have developed this page to address those concerns. We are grateful for everyone's patience while we gather all the information so we can share what Swarovski's plans are going forward.

Swarovski has advised that they will be making changes to their internal structure and will be decreasing their line of crystals beginning at the end of this month. Much of these changes are due to COVID. As soon as we are advised of what products will be dropped, we will pass that along to our customers.

We have been a reseller of Swarovski crystals for over 10 years, providing the best quality crystals for our customers need to Bling their Things! With the future of Swarovski crystals in question, we are actively investigating other product options and are excited with what we are finding!

We are grateful for the support of our small family-owned busines from our customers and look forward to building on those relationships as we go forward together!

Check back for updates on the status of Swarovski Crystals!
Debby Holmes