Rhinestone Application and Care
Best practices in application and care of Swarovski Crystals

Metal Settings: Use metal settings for attaching rhinestones to textiles. These work especially well on thick or smooth fabrics like leather. You can use a metal setting tool or simply use your fingers and push the prongs through the fabric/leather then push the prongs down with your fingers or a small screwdriver.

Glueing Flat Backs: Swarovski products can be glued to a wide range of materials with various textures. We recommend using an adhesive that is recommended for crystals and the material you are adhering them to. To adhere the crystals: Place a small dot of glue on your project, then place the crystal on the glue. Make sure the dot is large enough so when the crystal is pushed into it, the glue oozes out around the crystal. The glue will then create a "setting" for the crystal. If the glue does not ooze around the crystal, the "setting" is not created and there is more of a chance that it will fall off. This is because the glue has a much stronger hold than the silver backing on the project. Having the glue ooze up around the crystal is the most secure method of adhering the crystal to your project using an adhesive. Once the glue dries, you will not see it as it dries clear. The Rhinestone Store stocks several quality adhesives to meet your designing needs. NOTE: Never use "Super Glue" or "Hot Glue" with Swarovski rhinestones. These products destroy the silver mirror backing on the crystals.


Hot Fix crystals work best on porous materials like fabrics and textiles. Not designed for smooth surfaces like metal, wood or leather.
Hot Fix Applicator Tool: Swarovski hot fix crystals can be applied simply, quickly and securely using a hot fix applicator tool. To apply round crystals: Select the size tip that matches the size crystals you are applying. Pre-heat tool and arrange your crystals on a flat surface with the shiny side up. The tool will take about a minute to heat up. Once the tool is heated, place the tip on the crystal to pick it up. Watch the glue side of the crystal as the adhesive melts. Once the glue is completely melted, about 20 seconds, place the crystal on your project. Push the crystal into the fabric with your finger (covered if to hot) or with a rhinestone pick-up stick, to help create the "setting" around the crystal. It is important to make sure the glue is completely melted so it will create the "setting" when pushed into the fabric. We recommend doing a test with your fabric to confirm it will not melt with the heat of the tool.
Heat Press Machine: Swarovski hot fix crystals work very well with heat press machines. Follow manufacturers recommendations regarding the material your using before heat pressing.
Household Iron: Swarovski hot fix crystal can be heat-set with a household iron using fabrics that can be heated at the "cotton" setting. Set your iron on the "cotton" setting to heat up. Place your transfer or crystals on your garment - right side up. Cover with a press cloth and press the crystals. DO NOT move the iron around. Press down for about 20 seconds and lift the iron straight up and move to another place to heat-set the remainder of the design. After the designed is completely heat-set, turn the garment inside out, and press again on the wrong side. Always let the garment cool completely before moving.

No matter how you wash your garment that is decorated with Swarovski rhinestones, you must remember the crystals are glass and may break or fall off if not handled gently. Crystals loosening or falling off is NOT uncommon. Make sure when gluing or heat-setting, that the glue comes up around the outside edge of the rhinestone to create a setting for the crystal to sit in. Most stones will fall off because they were not applied correctly. With appropriate care, your garment should sparkle beautifully for years!

Machine: Turn the garment inside out to protect the crystals from being damaged. You can also use a laundry bag for additional protection. Choose a gentle wash cycle and use a mild laundry detergent - warm or cold water. Do not use hot water as it may loosen the crystals.
Hand Wash: Hand washing is the safest, and most gentle method of washing your decorated garment. Use a mild detergent.

We recommend line drying rather than an automatic dryer. The heat from the dryer can loosen hotfix crystals and may break down the adhesives on the hotfix and flat backs that are glued down. Bouncing around in the dryer can break the glass crystals.

Do not use chlorine bleach or tumble dry. If the garment needs to be ironed, please do so with care and inside out with a press cloth. The heat can loosen the stones by breaking down the adhesives.

The garment can be gently dry cleaned using hydrocarbon. Turn garment inside out. We recommend protecting the crystals as much as possible. Use of a soft laundry bag is also recommended.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need assistance or additional information.

Thank you,
The Management of the Rhinestone Store