Application and Care
Best practices in application and care of Swarovski Crystals

Stone Settings: Use metal settings for attach rhinestones to textiles. These work especially well on thick or smooth fabrics like leather.

Gluing: Swarovski products can be glued to a wide range of materials with various textures. We always recommend using an adhesive that is recommended for crystals, and the material you are adhering them to. The Rhinestone Store stocks several quality adhesives to meet your designing needs. NOTE: Never use "Super glue" or "hot glue" with Swarovski rhinestones.


Hotfix: The Swarovski hotfix products can be applied simply, quickly and securely. Hotfix technology is ideal for application in the fields of textiles, interior décor and accessories. The crystals can be applied with the use of a hotfix applicator tool, heat press machine and a household iron.


Wash: Turn inside out, choose a gentle wash cycle and use mild laundry detergent - warm or cold water. To protect the crystals as much as possible. Using a soft laundry bag is recommended.

Dry: We recommend line drying rather than a machine.

DO NOT: use chlorine bleach; tumble dry; use an iron on the stones

Dry Cleaning: The textile can be gently drycleaned using hydrocarbon. Turn garment inside out. We recommend protecting the crystals as much as possible. Use of a soft laundry bag is also recommended.