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Swarovski Authorized ResellerSwarovski Flat Back, Hotfix Round Rhinestones have a heat sensitive adhesive on the flat side of the stone. The Rhinestone Store has a nice selection of Swarovski's various hotfix round rhinestones that are perfect for your next project.

There are several ways to adhere your rhinestones to your project. You can use the hot fix rhinestone tool - which enables you to place one rhinestone at a time onto your project. Simple method, clean and quick! You can also use an iron or be really creative and make rhinestone transfer motifs using our Heat Transfer Film. Learn more about applying hot fix rhinestones under our TIPS and PROJECTS section of our website.

Don't forget to color match your rhinestones to your project by using our handy Rhinestone Color Chart.

The Swarovski Rhinestone Manufacturer Packs come in quantities of 1 gross, 2 gross, 2.5 gross or 10 gross, depending on the size of the rhinestones. When purchasing rhinestones that are in a quantity less than the Manufacturer Wholesale Pack, our staff breaks down the factory packs, hand counts the rhinestones (not weighed) and then packages them in small zip lock bags with appropriate labeling.