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See all of the various Swarovski round rhinestones right here! We have one of the largest selection of Swarovski Flat Back Round Rhinestones on the market! We offer everything from Swarovski's newest XIRIUS flat backs to Rivoli's, Concise and Chessborad.

To adhere these stones to your project, use one of our quality adhesives or prong settings. Color match your rhinestones to your project by using our handy Rhinestone Color Chart.

Here at the Rhinestone Store, we offer Swarovski Flat Back Round Rhinestones in a number of quantity options choices. The Manufacturer Packs come in quantities of 1 gross, 2 gross, 2.5 gross or 10 gross - depending on the size of the stone. When purchasing rhinestones that are in a quantity less than the Manufacturer Wholesale Pack, our staff breaks down the wholesale packs, hand counts the rhinestones (not weighed) and then packages them in small zip lock bags with appropriate labeling.