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In 2014, Swarovski introduced the world to - the XIRIUS Rose, the latest flat back rhinestone design! This revolutionary crystal is named after Sirius, the brightest star in the Milky Way galaxy, and for good reason—it features the most intricate, gemstone-like cut in the Swarovski lineup. We're so excited to be among the first to offer you this gorgeous new stone! Swarovski's XIRIUS collection will WOW you with it's brilliance. The exceptional sparkle and the way these beautiful rhinestones shine bring them one step closer to a true diamond. Experience a new brilliance in Swarovski Rhinestones - the best in the industry - worldwide!

This Xirius cut is available only in the larger sizes of SS12 - SS48 (smaller sizes of the standard Swarovski rhinestones are made in the 2058 style), and in just about every color you could imagine!

Swarovski Flatback Rhinestones come in quantities ranging from 1 stone to Manufacturer Wholesale Packs. The Manufacturer Packs come in quantities of 1 gross, 2 gross, 2.5 gross or 10 gross, depending on the size of the rhinestone. When purchasing rhinestones that are in a quantity less than the Manufacturer Wholesale Pack, the rhinestones will be hand counted and packaged in small re-closable baggie with appropriate labeling by our staff. Color match your rhinestones to your project by using out handy Rhinestone Color Chart.

Swarovski Advanced CrystalThese rhinestones can be applied to your project with a quality adhesive, that is designed to use with gems. You can also use tiffany or rim settings to adhere them to fabrics that an adhesive does not work well with. Swarovski Rhinestones are very popular with designers who create dance and skating costumes, couture and designer apparel. You'll also find these beautiful rhinestones on western fashions, gymnastics and cheer apparel! When you want the BLING - nothing beats the brilliance of Swarovski Crystal Elements.

The XIRIUS Rose Swarovski flat backs are made of "Advanced Crystal" and is lead free.

You'll find everything you need to BLING YOUR THINGS at the Rhinestone Store. Happy BLINGING!!!