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Swarovski Authorized Reseller, Lead Free CrystalsThe Swarovski XILION Rose collection is the highest quality rhinestone made anywhere in the world today. These rhinestones have a heat activated adhesive already applied to the back side of the stone. This adhesive is heated, and when it melts, is easily adhered to fabrics. It is available in sizes ss6 and ss10. This Swarovski Flatback is made of "Advnced Crystal" and is lead free. Swarovski's XILION collection has exceptional sparkle and brilliance. Experience the brilliance of Swarovski Rhinestones - the best in the industry - worldwide!

Swarovski Hot Fix Rhinestones come in quantities ranging from 1 stone to Manufacturer Wholesale Packs. The Manufacturer Packs come in quantities of 1 gross, 2 gross, 2.5 gross or 10 gross, depending on the size of the rhinestone. When purchasing rhinestones that are in a quantity less than the Manufacturer Wholesale Pack, the rhinestones are hand counted and packaged in small zip lock bags with appropriate labeling. Color match your rhinestones to your project by using out handy Rhinestone Color Chart.

The Xilion Rose Swarovski Hotfix Rhinestones and is made of "Advanced Crystal" and is lead free.