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swarovski 2028 Xilion Rose Hotfix RhinestoesSwarovski's 2028 XILION Rose was introduced in 2004 and feature 14 facets. It also features a taller profile than the original 2000 rhinestone. The adhesive on these stones has a grey coloring to it. When viewing the rhinestones in this section, please note the images used represent the color and not necessarily the cut. Please use the above information when referring to the description of this rhinestone. The 2028 is no longer in production. Once our inventory is depleted, they will not be replaced.

Swarovski Hot Fix Rhinestones come in quantities ranging from 1 stone to Manufacturer Wholesale Packs. The Manufacturer Packs come in quantities of 1 gross, 2 gross, 2.5 gross or 10 gross, depending on the size of the rhinestone. When purchasing rhinestones that are in a quantity less than the Manufacturer Wholesale Pack, the rhinestones are hand counted, not weighed and packaged in small zip lock bags with appropriate labeling.

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