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Rose Peach Shimmer Swarovski 2058 XILION Rose Flat back RhinestonesCOLOR: ROSE PEACH SHIMMER

SWAROVSKI Flat Back Rhinestones (no Hot Fix)

The Swarovski Flat Back Rhinestone in ROSE PEACH SHIMMER features a beautiful peach-pink coloring with the "Shimmer" Effects Coating and a Platinum-colored Pro Foiling backing, which creates a wonderful shining effect under the lights. The Shimmer effect adds more brilliance, color vibrancy and unique light refractions to your costumes. Softer, more elegant shimmer that radiates three shades of a single color. Use one of our adhesives to attach your rhin
estones to your project or you can use metal settings as well. Our Rhinestone Color Chart is a great tool to assist you in selecting your rhinestone colors and sizes.

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Rose Peach Shimmerr Swarovski 2058 XILION Rose Flat Back Rhinestones, The Rhinestone Store

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