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Crystal Meridian Blue, Swarovski 2012 Hotfix RhinestonesCOLOR: CRYSTAL MERIDIAN BLUE

SWAROVSKI Flat Back, HotFix Rhinestones
Article 2012 Rose


The Swarovski Hot Fix Rhinestone in CRYSTAL MERIDIAN BLUE features a beautiful blue/red special coating coloring with a heat sensitive adhesive on the back side of the rhinestone. Use a Hot Fix Applicator Tool to attach your rhin
estones to your project. You can also use a heat press or household iron to apply the rhinestones, or let your creative self shine and make iron-on transfers using our Transfer Film. Our Rhinestone Color Chart is a must to assist you in selecting your rhinestone colors and sizes. Let your creativity shine by using all the various articles together on your project. They all sparkle beautifully under the lights.

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Crystal Meridian Blue Swarovski 2012 Hotfix Rhinestones, Clearance, The Rhinestone Store
CRYSTAL MERIDIAN BLUE Swarovski 2012 Hotifx, ss20
Our Price: $17.90
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QUANTITY: 163 Pieces