By opting into The Rhinestone Store's Wholesale Program, all users agree to the following non-negotiable terms and conditions.

Membership Requirements
  • Customers must have a Rhinestone Store account in good standing to qualify for benefits of membership.
  • Membership is free of charge, with a required $100 minimum purchase per order to receive set discount.
  • An active "Member" is defined as an individual or company that has made a purchase on in the last 12 months.
  • All purchases must be paid in full before shipped.
  • Membership agreement is considered voided in areas or circumstances where it would be prohibited by law.
  • To join the Wholesale Program, customers must opt-in via the electronic form found at: Wholesale Account Application. Members will not receive special benefits or rebates unless they complete the application form.
  • Members cannot participate in the Rhinestone Store's Crystal Club Rewards program.
Membership Discount Level
  • Discount Levels are determined per customer once the completed application has been submitted.
  • Discounts cannot be combined with any other discounts or electronic gift certificates.
Annual Rebate
  • Annual Rebate or discounts cannot be transferred or combined between multiple accounts or with new accounts.
  • Rebates are calculated and distributed in January for the previous year's annual purchases and expire on December 31 of that year.
  • "Annual Purchases", "Annually" and "Yearly" are terms defined as sales accrued for a single account between January 1st through December 31st for the purpose of qualifying for annual rebates.
  • Deductions from an account's YTD purchase totals may be implemented without notice. If any transactions are credited ir error or if any credit or refund is given to a purchase for returns and/or cancellations, the transaction value will not accrue towards membership benefits.
  • Customers have from January 1st (12:00AM) to December 31st (11:59pm) EST each year to accrue their purchase levels for rebate qualification.
  • No other benefit, refund, or rebate shall be backdated or made good once accepted into the Wholesale program. Benefits are forward-going only and do not apply to purchases made in the past.
  • Rebate is issued in the form of an electronic gift certificate to be used at Rebates for the Gold and Platinum levels will be issued as TWO electronic gift certificates. Gift certificates will be issued during the month of January the following year and expire on December 31 of that year. Gift certificates are not transferable.
  • The Rhinestone Store may deny any Annual Rebate rewards for any account and for any reason.
Benefits of Membership
  • Once an account is accepted into the Wholesale Program, the customer will be notified of their discount level via email.
  • Each customer will receive one Swarovski Color Card for free annually in January.
  • Annual Rebates based on Annual Purchases.
Notification and Communication
  • Customers may contact the Rhinestone Store via phone or email to check the status of their membership and annual spending levels.
  • Members will receive email notifications of special promotions and new product information.
  • All account benefits will be delivered via email only.
  • Customers will be notified via the most recent email associated with their account. Should your email or primary means of communication change, it is the customers responsibility to contact the Rhinestone Store via email of said changes.
  • The Rhinestone Store reserves the right to use customer information for marketing, research and other promotional purposes.
  • The Rhinestone Store will never sell or share member contact information with any other company of any reason.
  • The Rhinestone Store reserves the right to suspend or deny any benefits to accounts for any reason including lack of payment in any form, abuse or terms and conditions, or any other reason deemed necessary by The Rhinestone Store.
  • Once membership has been initiated, a written opt-out request must be submitted via email to the Rhinestone Store to discontinue benefits and participationl
  • For a customer to remain current, they are required to make a minimum of 1 purchase per calendar year. If a purchase is not made, the account will be suspended and the customer must re-apply for a new account.
Suspension of Benefits
  • The Rhinestone Store reserves the right to disqualify or deny benefits to any customer for any reason at any time.
  • The Rhinestone Store reserves the right to change reward levels, rebate levels, terms and conditions, and membership requirements at any time without notice.
  • The Rhinestone Store reserves the right to terminate in full or part, any part of the Wholesale Program - discounts, rewards, rebates, rules and total existence of the Wholesale Program without notice. In this event, all benefits and points will be considered null and void.
Rights and Definitions
  • By signing up the Rhinestone Store's Wholesale Program, customers understand that terms and conditions may change without notice.
  • The Rhinestone Store reserves the right to revoke, correct, and alter any communication or offer sent electronically.
  • Until written notice or opt-out of a program is initiated, customers agree to abide by and accept the official terms and conditional on an ongoing basis, and agree to all perpetual changes of the document.
  • "One Year" and "Annual Purchases" are terms defined as January 1st through December 31st.
  • Customer discounts and rebates are determined by the Rhinestone Store and it's associates, and are non-negotiable.
  • All sales figures and annual sales accrual are calculated in US Dollars and do not compensate for post currency transfer fluctuation.
  • All purchase levels are calculated and valued from the sale price at the transaction, and with the product invoiced total.
  • Purchase levels are based on invoiced amounts for product only, and do not include shipping charges, additional surcharges or donations with the transaction.
  • The Rhinestone Store makes no expressed or implied warranties or representations for liability in conjunction with this service or any service offered. This program does not permit any additional recourse for product damage, quality claims, or other malfunctions beyond our standard terms and conditions of purchase.
  • Due to the nature of electronic communications, occasional delays and failures in promotional notifications may occur. The Rhinestone Store is not liable for any siad delays or other malfunctions in notification for sales and promotions with Wholesale Members or other customers.
  • Interpretation of this document and all membership rules are at the discretion of the Rhinestone Store only.
  • The Rhinestone Store reserved the right to change, amend or vary these "Terms and Conditions" at any time and without notice.