Swarovski Launches
Swaroski Spring/Summer 2021 Innovations

Welcome to the Swarovski Innovations Page were we introduce all the new Swarovski Spring/Summer 2021 Innovations. Here at the Rhinestone Store, we provide you with the information on all the NEW SWAROVSKI PRODUCTS!

Here are the hightlights:
  • NEW Color: Iris (this new color is bolder than Light Amethyst but softer than Amethyst)
  • NEW Crystal Electric DeLite Effects: Crystal Electric Blue DeLite, Crystal Electric Green DeLite, Crystal Electric White DeLite, Crystal Electric Pink DeLite, Crystal Electric Orange DeLite, Crystal Electric Yellow DeLite and Crystal Electric Violet DeLite
  • NEW Crystal Effect: Ingnite (on select unfoiled stones)
  • NEW Cabochon Pearl Color: Iridescent Dreamy Rose and Iridescent Dreamy Blue
  • NEW Shimmer Effect Colors: Crysolite Opal Shimmer, Cyclamen Opal Shimmer, Pacific Opal Shimmer, Rose Water Opal Shimmer, White Opal Shimmer, Yellow Opal Shimmer.
  • NEW Flat Back and Hot Fix Rhinestones: Elongated Pentagon, Concise Pentagon, Elongated Hexagon and Concise Hexagon.

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