Swarovski Launches
Swarovski Fall/Winter 2020 Innovations

Welcome to the Swarovski Innovations Page where we introduce all the new Swarovski Fall/Winter 2020 Innovations. Here at the Rhinestone Store, we have you covered to make sure you have all the information on all the new Swarovski products!

Here are the highlights:
  • NEW Crystal Lacquer DeLite Effects: Crystal Royal Red DeLite, Crystal Royal Blue DeLite, Crystal Lotus Pink DeLite, Crystal Silky Sage DeLite, and Crystal Orange Glow DeLite.
  • NEW Shimmer Effect Colors: Rose Peach Shimmer
  • NEW Electric Lacquer Pro Effect: Electric Violet
  • NEW Flatback and Hot Fix Rhinestones: Cushion Cut, Paisley X, and Paisley Y
  • NEW Cabochon Pavé Flatback
  • NEW Slim Triangle Sew-On Stone
To see ALL the new styles, see the product links below and click on them to see their specific product information.

Love All — with Swarovski In a reaction to the virtual world’s isolating effects we are placing more value in emotional currency. It is kindness, joy and optimism that are showing us how to live our best, most creative lives. So, it’s time to shine a light on love in all its guises, whether it’s nostalgia for the past, a desire to embrace the moment, an impulse to entertain the extreme, or a need to abandon oneself to nature’s forces…

The overarching theme for this new collection is “LOVE ALL - Crystal and Emotions: Unfolding the Passion of Creativity”. In a world that is consistently seeking more emotional connection, consumers are doing the same. And nothing is more emotionally connecting, empowering or uplifting than love. Below the 4 main themes of this innovation launch are all about LOVE.
  1. “Then & Now”: The 1940s are having a fashion moment. Swarovski embraces the past while honoring thoroughly the modern future.
  2. “Extreme & Casual”: Everyday becomes more extreme with more advanced textiles and an increasingly tech driven lifestyle. The era of “Tech-tility” has arrived!
  3. “Modern & Romantic”: JOMO (not FOMO) will be the new catchword “Joy of Missing Out”. A push towards soft, cocoon like shapes that are feminine and which cuddle and relax us with a romantic notion.
  4. “Wild & Chic”: The Call of the wild has gone mainstream with primal energy being captured in design elements: windswept, rough, raw and rugged.
Watch a video of the new collection here!
Here is another video!