Swarovski Launches
Swarovski Spring/Summer 2019 Innovations

Inspiration for each new Swarovski crystal collections comes from all around us; from what’s on the catwalk to world events, from movements in society to our vibrant cities and the nature all around us. Explore our Trends and Inspirations through our wide range of mesmerizing crystal collections and discover our groundbreaking creativity and inventiveness.

Every year Swarovski presents a groundbreaking range of new crystal cuts, colors, effects, and line extensions. Sought after by the world’s top brands and designers in fashion, accessories, jewelry, interiors, lighting, and packaging, these crystal innovations demonstrate our world-leading inventiveness, first-class quality and creativity.

Swarovski proudly announces the addition of MAJESTIC BLUE to it's crystal line. Available throughout Swarovski's product line, the Majestic Blue is a beautiful rich royal blue as deep as the ocean, but as clear as the blue sky!

The new Crystal Lacquer Pro colors will add soft pastel tones to your design. New colors include Crystal Buttercup, Crystal Lilac and Crystal Lime.

Swarovski has also added a new sew-on jewel in the shape of the gem, Emerald. Look for the new fancy teardrop stone and the Geometric shapes. The Geometric shapes are an exceptional rhinestone shape when you're wanting to make a repetitive pattern.