How to determine if I can use HOT FIX Rhinestones on my fabric?
Simply what to check if you can use hot fix rhinestones on your project.

Hot fix rhinestones work best on fabrics that pass the "Water Drop" test.

WATER DROP TEST The optimum bond can only be achieved if the carrier material can absorb the glue. A simply water drop test will indicate whether or not the fabric has this attribute. If the fabric has - for example - a waterproofing finish, it will not absorb drops of water or glue.

With textiles that contain a large quantity of softening agents, it's advised to wash the fabric before adhering the rhinestone to it.

Very fine fabrics like organza, as well as smooth leather, smooth leather imitations, lightly woven polyamides and fabrics with a silicone or wax finish may not be suitable for Hot Fix application due to insufficient absorbency.

TEST - place a drop of water on your fabric and see if it rests on the surface of the fabric, or if it is absorbed into the fabric.

Please take care that the Hot Fix glue is not completely bonded until it has fully hardened. (generally after 24 hours). During this period, handle the fabric with care and don't wash it, or stretch it.