Making Iron-On Transfers
Have fun creating your own iron-on Swarovski rhinestone transfers.

MAKING IRON-ON TRANSFERS: Print your design from your computer, or use a photo and tape the corners of your design to a flat, smooth surface. Remember to mirror your design. You are looking at the back side of your design when designing it on the transfer paper. Cut the transfer paper slightly larger than the design. Peel off the paper backing from the transfer film and set the backing aside. Tape the transfer film over your printed design with the sticky side UP. Choose the rhinestones you want to use. Place the rhinestones, glue side up on your work surface. Using tweezers, carefully place the rhinestone on the lines of your design. (the sparkly side of the rhinestone will be on the sticky side of the transfer paper. Continue placing stones until your design is complete. When finished, place the transfer paper backing on top of your design, and gently press down on the paper. Carefully remove tape from corners of transfer paper, and look at your design. If your design is not correct, place it back on your printed design, and make adjustments. When finished, place the backing back on your design, and examine again. You can now either store your design (with the backing on your design) to use later, or use it immediately.

TO ADHERE YOUR TRANSFER TO YOUR GARMENT: Pre-heat iron to the temperature required for your fabric (approximately 280 to 300 degrees). Remove backing from your transfer design. Place transfer - sticky side down - on your garment, precisely where you want it. Place a press cloth - or cover the soleplate of your iron with a teflon cover - over your design. Place iron over design and hold in place approximately 12 to 15 seconds for small stones (you will need a little more time for larger stones). Lift and move your iron around a bit to prevent scorching or melting. Let cool for a few seconds, before removing film. If rhinestones are not set, reheat.

DISCLAIMER: Some fabrics may scorch or melt. Be aware of what type of fabrics you are using. Fabrics with silicone or wax finishes are not recommended, as well as leathers, polyamide, PVC, rubber and plastics. Be very careful of delicate fabrics like chiffon's. THE RHINESTONE STORE is not responsible for any damage in relationship to the application of transfers and rhinestones.