Rhinestone Sizes and Cuts

We have provided these sizing tools for your convenience. The photos do not accurately represent the actual sizes of the rhinestones. Please use the measurements below when determining the size of the rhinestones - but please be advised that these measurements should be used only as approximations. The best way to accurately view the colors and sizes is to order a " Color Chart" or a small quantity of stones before you place a large order.


ss6 = 2mm
ss8 = 2.3mm
ss9 = 2.6mm
ss10 = 2.8mm
ss12 = 3mm
ss16 = 4mm
ss20 = 4.7mm
ss30 = 6.4mm
ss34 = 7.1mm
ss40 = 8.6mm
ss42 = 9.1mm
ss48 = 11mm

SIZE COMPARISON - STONES PER INCH - when placing the rhinestones right next to each other.
Size 6ss = Approximately 12 stones per inch.
Size 10ss = Approximately 9 stones per inch.
Size 16ss = Approximately 6 stones per inch.
Size 20ss = Approximately 5 Stones per inch.
Size 34ss = Approximately 3 1/2 Stones per inch.

NOTE: All of the different Swarovski Article Designs can be used together on a project. They all sparkle and reflect the light beautifully.

  • Article 2000 (both hot fix and flatback) - The original 8-faceted rhinestone (not pictured).
  • Article 2012 (both hot fix and flatback) - Was introduced in the year 2000 and has 12 facets.
  • Article 2028 (both hot fix and flatback) - Was introduced in the year 2004. The XILION Rose features 14 facets.
  • Article 2038 (hot fix) and 2058 (flatback) - Was introduced in 2011. The 2038 and 2058 rhinestones are technically called “XILION Rose rhinestones. The cut features 14 alternating facets and a small table.
  • Articles 2078 (hot fix) and 2088 (flatback) - In 2014, Swarovski introduced the world to - the XIRIUS Rose, the latest flat back rhinestone design! This revolutionary crystal is named after Sirius, the brightest star in the Milky Way galaxy, and for good reason—it features the most intricate, gemstone-like cut in the Swarovski lineup. We're so excited to be among the first to offer you this gorgeous new stone! The Xirius cut takes the world one step closer to the vision of founder Daniel Swarovski: to create a diamond for every woman. Like all modern Swarovski crystals, the 2088/2078 Xirius flat back/hotfix is made with the lead-free, superior Advanced Crystal formula, and is manufactured according to the company's strict socially and environmentally responsible standards. The 2088 Swarovski Flatback Rhinestone is a leader in its class; by far the best quality rhinestone manufactured today. With its patented Xirius cut, 16 facets with a shape representing a starburst and a small table (top), this rhinestone has the ultimate sparkle.
  • Flat Back Articles 2058 (2038) and 2088 (2078), are very similar in appearance. You have to look at them up close, under a bright light to see the difference in the cuts.
  • All the various articles can be use together on a project. From a distance they all sparkle beautifully!


  • Articles: 2000 (not pictured), 2012, 2028, 2038 and 2078.
  • Articles 2000 and 2012 have a greenish-grey colored adhesive.
  • Article 2028 has a grey adhesive.
  • Articles 2038 and 2078 have a metallic gold adhesive.
  • NOTE: Hot Fix Rhinestone Articles 2000 and 2012 may have a cloudy film on the rhinestone. This is caused by the processing of the adhesive on these earlier Articles from Swarovski. If your rhinestones are cloudy, simply adhere them to your garment, then take a soft cloth (slightly damp or dry) and gently rub it across the rhinestones. This will remove the film and your rhinestones will sparkle beautifully.
  • Articles: 2000 (not pictured), 2012, 2028, 2058, 2088.
  • Hotfix Articles 2038 and 2078, are very similar in appearance. You have to look at them up close, under a bright light to see the differences in the cuts.
  • All the various cuts can be used together on a project. From a distance, they all sparkle beautifully!