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The Rhinestone Store is your number one source for Swarovski Rhinestone Shapes. We offer a large selection, as well as many quantity options for your shopping pleasure. Swarovski rhinestone shapes come in a variety of sizes and shapes, are loose crystal elements, and most have a Platinum Foiling on the back for extra brilliance and protection. Swarovski produces the most brilliant rhinestones in the industry. Nothing sparkles like Swarovski! The rhinestone shapes in this category, DO NOT have a heat sensitive adhesive on the back side of the stone. To adhere these stones to your project, use one of our quality adhesives. Please be advised, never use a hot glue gun, or super glue (cyanoacrylate) as they will damage the foil backing on these rhinestones.

Color match your rhinestones to your project, by using our Rhinestone Color Card

You'll find everything you need to BLING YOUR THINGS at the Rhinestone Store. Happy BLINGING!!!

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