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Style: Hot Fix Rhinestones
SWAROVSKI Crystal Elements

Hot Fix Rhinestone Shapes

The Swarovski PENTAGON Hot Fix Rhinestones are a great addition to your rhinestone supply. These rhinestones are made with a silver foil backing and have a heat sensitive adhesive on the back, which creates a wonderful shining effect under the lights. Use only the best tool with your hot fix rhinestones - The Bejeweler! Our Rhinestone Color Chart is a great tool to assist you in selecting your rhinestone colors and sizes.

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Pentagon Hot Fix Shape, Swarovski Hot Fix Rhinestones, Crystals, Nevette Crystal
This stone has 5 sides and is multifaceted and has a silver backing and a heat sensitive adhesive on the flat side of the stone.

Crystalized™ Swarovski Elements are the most popular rhinestones on the market. They are the most brilliant stones in the industry. Swarovski Rhinestones are used on pageant dresses, bridal gowns, dance and skating costumes, as well as western wear, flip flops and even your phone. These hot fix rhinestones may be attached to your project with the original "Bejeweler" or you may use one of our quality adhesives.