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Shape: Oval
Color: Bermuda Blue

Style: Swarovski 3210 Big Oval Rhinestones
SWAROVSKI Crystal Elements

The Swarovski 3210 Big Oval Rhinestone in BERMUDA BLUE would be a beautiful addition to your next project. It's unique "caribbean blue" special effect makes it a beautiful addition to anything you want to adhere it to. These rhinestones are round with two holes on each side for sewing, and are made with a silver foil backing, which creates a wonderful shining effect under the lights. These rhinestones can also be strung together.

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Article 3210, Swarovski 16 x 11mm Bermuda Blue Big Oval Sew-On Jewel
Article 3210, Bermuda Blue Big Oval Jewel
These rhinestones have a silver backing with a whole in the center. Use beading thread and seed beads to secure the rhinestones to your garment. You can also use one of our quality adhesives to afix these stones to your project.